I know it’s getting kinda old to be taking photos at this same spot again. ;A;

I’m totally pimping my iPhone case and matching headphones which I spent HOURS sticking on Swarovski crystals. I get alot of compliments when I whip out my iPhone and most people just stare at it, amazed at how shiny it is. I call it a magpie syndrome.

I was very inspired by Taylor Momsen in her “Make me wanna die” video. I had my eyeliner and eyeshadow on very generously that day. And of course, garters and thigh-highs seem to be a staple in her look as well.

I’m really loving the body chain I got from H&M (I bought it recently, it should still be available but I found it to be a little too long and I had the length altered a little).

Black outfit breakdown:

  • Asymmetrical dress: m)phosis
  • Shorts: m)phosis
  • Body chain: H&M
  • Garters and socks: Calzedonia, London’s Westfield Mall
  • Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
  • Ring: Forever 21
  • Accessories: Diva and m)phosis

Are  celebrity inspired outfits to your liking? Should we post more of these?