Just when I complimented the weather yesterday, it decided to be overcast today so no streetstyle photos.  Cest la vie~!
I am determined to take photos of my outfit anyway so you guys are going to have to bear with the hotel bed background instead.

I think this black outfit would be decidedly normal if not for these awesome stockings that I picked up from Urban Outfitters when I was shopping in New York. Paired with the awesome Acne Atacoma Wedges, it is absolute poetry.


I bought myself a french dessert from the famous patisserie, Laduree. Such decadence don’t you think? I had to share some with my friends so I bought them macarons.

Black outfit breakdown:

  • 3/4 sleeved tee: H&M
  • Dress: Nicholas
  • Stockings: Urban Outfitters
  • Beret: m)phosis
  • Shoes: Acne
  • Necklace: m)phosis