Another one of those iTunes generated titles again for our Black outfit post!!!

Tis was a hot day, oh don’t ask why I was in a mock turtleneck.

And these are seriously the best pair of shoes I own. I would wear them to its death, and in the event that happens, I have an exact same pair to replace them, which will be worn to its death too. Don’t question why I own 2 pairs of the same shoes.

Black Outfit Breakdown:

  • Mock Turtleneck: Comme de Garçons
  • Shorts: m)phosis
  • Necklace: Lip Service
  • Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell for LF stores


Here’s a bonus pic of the DIY Chain Harness that we made~!! We spent a good amount of effort and time making it and we would really appreciate that the entire tutorial isn’t copied and pasted on your blog even if you linked back cause no one’s gonna come to our blog if the information is duplicate. It is as good as stealing. Thank you.