May 9, 2012
Arissa Ha

Sometimes I give myself a pat on the back for having some すばらしい skills at Photoshop. This horrible swollen eye will go unnoticed if I didn’t mention it. That being said, I’m sure at least 20 people are will be scrutinising my picture now.

This lovely organza top is bought by Conan (who will be lovingly known as Coco from now on) when he was sourcing for clothes for a photoshoot. I bought it from him after the shoot. 😀

The Icon watch that I bought from MoMA is a replacement for my old one which died (dead pixel geddit geddit?). It’s one of those watches that I don’t mind replacing, the design is simple and worth keeping around.

My lovely shoes modelled with my pageant stance to show how they look like from both the front and side.

Black Outfit Breakdown:

  • Shirt: Uniqlo
  • Organza Top: H&M
  • Jeans: H&M
  • Watch: MoMa design store
  • Shoes: Taobao

Photos courtesy of the lovely Venetia from FYOF.

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8 Responses to “Outfit Post: Layered fancy free [Black Outfit Ideas]”

  1. I love that sheer layer! So gorgeous!

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  2. Kristy says:

    I love this outfit, the sheer layer really adds a lot to it.

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  3. Fatiha says:

    Can i steal your shoes please?


  4. Lydia Graves says:

    What I love about this blog is that, whenever I have just gotten excited about the new black sheer things I’ve picked up from H&M, they are bound to be featured in a stunningly curated look here. In general I think our wardrobes overlap to an insane degree… always weird, but interesting.


  5. j says:

    are those shoes comfortable? my mind was totally blown by the design!!!!


  6. Lebasi says:

    I really love this look! You look like a little boy in it somehow.. Cute! But cool at the same time. Naise! And the shoes are really :O the best!


    Arissa replied on

    Thanks Lebasi!!! I really love the shoes!


  7. Shul says:

    I love that layered dark and silver necklace! it really reflects with the outfits colors!


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