January 22, 2013
Arissa Ha

monoxious last year-1

Howdy everyone! It’s been too long. I even missed out on WordPress v3.5 which allows me to insert all my uploaded photos at once. How backwards am I?

It’s only been 22 days into the New Year before I updated. I hope everyone forgives me. It’s been the norm that the New Year often spells new beginnings, changes and resolutions. Although I am thankful for my metabolism, there has been a decrease these days probably due to a change in job or simply age taking its toll on me (le sigh~) which prompted me to sign up at a local gym in hopes of being healthier. I have thus been transformed into a gym rat. *thunder roars*

Other than that, life has been pretty predictable and routine lately. So what has everyone else been up to?

monoxious last year-3

monoxious last year-2

Photos by Venetia


Black outfit breakdown:

  • Shirt: Taobao (sukiiRed)
  • Pants: Taobao
  • Shoes: Maison Martin Margiela (courtesy of Shopbop)
  • Bag: Taobao
  • Sunglasses: bought somewhere along Harajuku,Tokyo
  • Leather Harness: Etsy (Audrajean)
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  2. sofi says:

    can you give me link of bags, plss


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