November 6, 2009
Arissa Ha


I’m feeling like what my title says. I find myself jaded and unimpressed by many things, I guess being old does that to you. Who knows? I may shock everyone by wearing colours instead of a black outfit. I’m kidding.

Or am I?


Wearing 3 necklaces on my neck has proved to be a pretty tiring affair after a whole day out. I honestly love loading up on chain necklaces though, I think I might need more.

I’m using a nifty program that makes all your photos look like it came out of a lomography camera. I’m really loving the effects.

Black outfit breakdown:

  • Dress: T by Alexander Wang
  • Shoes: Acne
  • Socks: H&M
  • Necklace: H&M/m)phosis
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8 Responses to “Outfit post: Jaded and unimpressed [Black Outfits]”

  1. tina says:

    what’s the program you’re using? p.s. i love that dress.


    Arissa replied on

    It’s called Analogcolour. It’s a japanese program though.


  2. Arissa says:

    Oh btw Tina, I love the dress too. It’s the most comfortable kind of black jersey material. I’m absolutely in love. <3


  3. kurarin says:

    i’ve heard that it’s the material that makes the cut of his dresses so beautiful.

    i adore the way your socks peep out (:


  4. ka says:

    where can we get analogcolour? can ppl who dont understand japanese use it? thanks! (:

    <3 yr outfit !!


  5. betty says:

    what a great program (and cheap alternative hehe)


  6. Joanne says:

    I love the socks popping out of the Acne wedges, it’s super cute!


    Arissa replied on

    Joanne: I actually did it on purpose. I find that the edge will cut into my ankles if i dun pull the socks high enough. Luckily no one thinks I look ridiculous yet!


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