I haven’t been to Paris for the longest time. What luck to be visiting when the sun is still shining although it’s turning cold. It’s a great opportunity to layer up and play with textures and shape.

We’re bringing some Singaporean streetstyle into Paris here, it’s like taking a fishball from a bowl of hot soup and throwing it into a bowl of iced water, weird analogy I know.

I bought this dress with a strange scarf hanging about, I have no plans for it. It was just hanging around the general area of my luggage, so I threw it in.

Upon layering it with a simple long sleeved top, I find that the silhouette resembles the Complex Geometries A/w 2009 collection. Awesome.

And it’s the perfect opportunity to wear my the Zara thigh high boots which I bought some time back while shopping in London. I wish the thigh area would fit snugly though, it all crumply looking.


Black Outfit breakdown:

  • Dress: m)phosis
  • Long sleeved Tee: H&M
  • Stockings: H&M
  • Boots: Zara
  • Bag: H&M

We hope you’ve enjoyed this black outfit that we’ve put together for Fall~! Dress warm!