Pardon the broken French.
I was in Paris 2 weeks ago and it snowed~!!!! *excitement* Well, it IS exciting for someone born and raised in the tropics, up till the point where my toes were freezing.
Sub-zero temperature is not funny. When will Spring arrive???

I found a small park where there were rabbit burrows and I spotted so many of them hopping around. They were so cute.

The unfortunate thing about winter is the sun sets wayyyy too early. There’s barely enough time to get good pictures. :< Sorry the pictures of my outfit are kinda dark. Note to self: Black doesn’t photograph well in snow. Exposure issues abound. :<

My colleague and I went out for dinner with his relative and it was pretty cool. I always like how the French can just strike up a conversation with strangers.

Then we braved the cold for the hourly lightup of the Eiffel Tower. It’s actually my first time seeing it Eiffel at night and despite the cold, I really enjoyed it.

Black outfit breakdown:

  • Jeans: Forever21
  • Cardigan: Forever 21
  • Leather Jacket: Pull & Bear
  • Scarf: m)phosis
  • Beret: m)phosis
  • Boots: Esperanza
  • Gloves: Lanvin

Sometimes I wish I was in the Maldives instead. I need a beach holiday. Where would you like to be right now?