March 26, 2013
Arissa Ha

Monoxious Outfit post Gridlocked-1

It was Restaurant Week in Singapore last week and it was a great opportunity to head to some fancy restaurant to test out their menu. Along the way, I realised that the building matched my hair and decided to take some photos there. 😀

Monoxious Outfit post Gridlocked-3

The lattice design on this dress is so nice I had to get it and it makes a great statement LBD for a nice night out.

Monoxious Outfit post Gridlocked-4

On my way out, one of the waiters commented that my hair looks like Rainbow Paddle pop and I was like, “EXACTLY!!” I’m glad someone else thought of it this way and I really need to get a picture of me eating a Rainbow Paddle pop Ice cream before the colour fades.

Monoxious Outfit post Gridlocked-2

Monoxious Outfit post Gridlocked-5 

Also wearing new bling from nOir Jewelry  where Jingna (Thanks dear!) managed to snag the Pyramid stud bracelet for me during their sample sale earlier this year.

Monoxious Outfit post Gridlocked-6

Black Outfit Breakdown:

  • Dress: Taobao
  • Leather Paper lunch bag: Anve Saco de Papel
  • Shoes: Maison Martin Margiela for H&M
  • Accessories: nOir Jewelry, Taobao, some shop in Far East Plaza
  • Hair: Courtesy of Hairloom
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7 Responses to “Outfit Post: Gridlocked”

  1. Jennifer says:

    This is simply perfection! Your hair is just amazing. Would you be so kind to share a link to the dress?


    Arissa replied on

    Here’s the link:

    In case you have no idea how to shop on Taobao, here’s a tutorial link:


  2. Paige-Nevaeh says:

    Omg that dress is gorgeous! I love the detail.
    Your hair looks fantastic too


    Arissa replied on

    Thank you! I think the lattice design makes it a really nice dress, I don’t even have to wear a necklace. :)


  3. I love how the colors blend so well in your hair.To be honest, when I first saw your hair, I was thinking Princess Celestia from MLP: FIM


  4. Barbie says:



  5. So beautiful. I always struggle with how to dress in warm weather, but this is absolutely perfect!


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