For people who are unaware, Lady Gaga was in town last week for a concert which also explains the lime green tag that around my wrist. The queue was quite insane and I don’t think I could be as committed as the boy who got the monster key (first person at the mosh pit line gets the key y’all). I got a self-congratulatory number 85 and it’s shameful considering how I would consider myself “too old for this”. Famous last words anyone?

My shoes also decided to give up on me that faithful day. En route to the concert hall, I broke one of my left heel. I lost it when DJ Zedd was spinning pre-concert, my group was the only one cheering at the Legend of Zelda theme and I promptly broke the other heel. The rest of the concert was spent exercising my calves and being really grateful that my boyfriend is there to provide emotional and actual support.

Black Outfit Breakdown:

  • Dress: The Scarlet Room
  • Faux leather shorts: m)phosis
  • Stockings: some stocking shop in Harajuku
  • Mirrored skeleton bracelets: Evol Heist
  • Shoes: Taobao
  • Leather thorn headband: DIY