May 7, 2012
Dawn Poh

Rule No. 1: Never underestimate Scandinavian weather. It was incredibly warm in London, and I was completely caught off-guard by how cold it still was in Denmark when I visited in late March. It was incredibly windy to boot, and the only coat I packed was hopeless at keeping me warm.

Copenhagen is still a beautiful city regardless, and I would really love to go back there again!! This particular outfit isn’t exactly inspiring, but I have more important matters on my mind such as actually keeping my butt from freezing. 

Got these boots for just 250DKK at Monki – I really do love shopping there! I really do wish that Cheap Monday / Weekday can be found in more places.

Outfit Breakdown:

  • Trench coat: Zara
  • Bag: Taobao
  • Sunglasses: ASOS
  • Boots: Monki
All pictures taken by Christina – do visit her fashion blog!

Anyway, as a final note I’d just like to add that I am finally done with the bulk of my assignments for this semester. It is almost unbelievable that I’ve been here in London for almost an entire academic year already! I will be trying to make up for the long hiatus, and thank you so much for continuing to read this blog!

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2 Responses to “Outfit Post: Frigid [Black Outfit Ideas]”

  1. Fatiha says:

    Dawnnnnn, you look so sweet in the second picture!


  2. Ellie says:

    I love your style, this look is gorgeous, especially the leopard clutch! x


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