September 27, 2010
Arissa Ha

I am a procrastinator. It seemed like ages ago that I was in Florence, Italy and when I checked the date the photographs were taken, it WAS indeed ages. I was in Milan sometime back and I decided it would be cool to take a few hours train ride to the beautiful city of Florence.

Standing in front of Santa Maria del Fiore makes me marvel at the beauty of Renaissance architecture. It’s truly one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever seen.

The “Last Judgement” on the interior of the dome. It’s pretty disturbing when you view it up close.

Black Outfit breakdown:

  • Boyfriend Cardigan (literally) : H&M
  • Black Jeans: H&M
  • Camisole: H&M
  • Bag: Far east Plaza
  • Shoes: Some Ann Dem knockoff from Far East plaza too.
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4 Responses to “Outfit Post: Firenza on fire [Black Outfits]”

  1. v says:

    hi! i’ve been following your blog for a while and i must really say i’m very impressed by the black outfits that you girls are constantly in! i’m quite ashamed to be one of those people who don’t bother too much abt dressing up in our unfriendly climate because i perspire too easily and too much :(

    but you really travel around a lot and i’m so envious! i would love to have a job that takes me places but sadly i have yet to find something like that yet. ;p

    anyways just thought i’d leave a note. let you girls know what an awesome job you’re doing and even if i am not dressing up like i should it’s great to see nice black outfits here. i love black!! ok comment getting too long…


    Arissa replied on

    Hi V,

    Thank you for your well thought out and kind comments, we love reading them and it’s really encouraging when we have readers like you who enjoy reading our blog.
    It’s pretty challenging sometimes to try and dress in black when you’re in Singapore but we’d like to show people that it can actually be done with a little planning and some effort put into the outfit. We hope that you’ll try experimenting soon. :)


  2. faye says:

    omg so it was really you i saw that day! i’ve been also in firenze on a class trip and i was like “oh her outfit is awesome!” i knew your face from somewhere, but didn’t know exaclty XDD

    i really love your outfit!


    Arissa replied on

    OMG, this is so embarrassing!! You should’ve said hi! đŸ˜€


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