I was extremely privileged to be able to travel down to Cairo, Egypt last week for a quick tour to see the Pyramids of Giza. It wasn’t a long trip but it’s exciting to re-visit the pyramids after an absence of 3 years. It was full blown summer with temperatures reaching 37°C in the day. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable in this weather.

We were riding on horses, the scorching heat would make it very uncomfortable walk directly on the desert sand.

Camwhoring with a DSLR while riding a horse is actually possible. True story.

While I was expressing concern to Jingna about heading to the desert in the peak of summer, she shared a story where she was shooting Sugizo in the desert and the heat from the ground melted the glue holding the shoe together, effectively destroying it and laughed about how I should be glad cause I wasn’t a fan of those shoes.

The terrains are rough, the heat is the most disturbing part of the entire trip, I don’t really recommend going there at this time of the year. To be honest, as a person who grew up in the tropics, I would expect myself to have developed some  resistance towards hot weather, to my dismay I have sorely underestimated the soaring temperature in the desert.

It makes you marvel at how the ancient Egyptians managed to build a civilisation amidst one of the harshest conditions on earth. With 200,000 workers building a pyramid for a duration of 30 years, which to date still baffles archeologists how it was possible to build something which retains the title of the world’s largest man made structure for a good 3,800years.

Being fashionable in the sweltering heat of the desert in Cairo, Egypt is not easy. This trip to visit the pyramids of Giza has certainly humbled my self proclaimed superpowers against the heat. Light and thin cotton garments work well as it allows your skin to breath and doesn’t trap heat. Despite the blistering heat, I picked something that covered my arms and shoulders as a direct hit from the sun can only spell sunburn at the end of the day. Always remember your sunblock, I slapped on some SPF 130 sunblock and I’m pretty glad I did.

Hope you enjoyed this little trip to the Pyramids with me. 🙂

Outfit breakdown:

  • Top: Bugis Village (Singapore)
  • Shorts: m)phosis
  • Sandals: m)phosis
  • Bag: Far East Plaza  (Singapore)