May 23, 2012
Dawn Poh

I received this leather jacket from Akira a while back, but only managed to get around to photographing it now. London is finally warming up and this jacket is just perfect for the weather – it keeps the wind out, but don’t trap the heat inside like a spring coat would! My usual gripe with leather jackets are that most of them do not have functional pockets. I’m really glad this one does as I have been trying to do without a bag as of late. I have seriously been wearing nothing else but leather jackets these few weeks, if you don’t have one yet, go check out what they have to offer at the Akira boutique!

I have been obsessed with red recently for some reason. I bought what is possibly the brightest item in my entire wardrobe: a classic balenciaga city in coquelicot. I quite like how it stands out against my dark outfits, and red just goes so well with monochromes.

  • Jacket: c/o Akira
  • Skirt: ASOS
  • Top: ASOS
  • Accessories: H&M, Alexander McQueen, Fürrmuse
  • Bag: Balenciaga
  • Boots: Alexander McQueen


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One Response to “Outfit Post: ein König ohne Königin [Black Outfit Ideas]”

  1. Kristy says:

    Love the jacket paired with the dress you’re wearing!


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