October 4, 2011
Arissa Ha

Landed in Christchurch a few days back. It seemed like a mini retreat, with the city centre closed there wasn’t really much to do except snapping some photos and cooking. I went nuts in the supermarket.

It was still a little chilly despite moving into summer. I can never get used to the timezone here. It felt like I was isolated from the rest of the world and I have trouble getting to sleep.

Circle scarves are so 2009 but they do a good job of keeping me warm.

Black outfit breakdown:

  • Blazer: Zara
  • Circle scarf: Seoul, Korea
  • Boots: Ann Demeulemeester
  • Jeans: Forever21


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10 Responses to “Outfit Post: Earth’s end [Black Outfit Ideas]”

  1. Monica says:

    wait – chch, NZ?? what on earth is someone as stylish as you doing in my hometown? Everything good is dead but go to Lyttleton or Akaroa for a day, and http://www.victoria-black.co.nz/ is the best place for good clothes, or Rouche in Merivale. And come to Wellington, it’s way cooler/more alive!


    Jo replied on

    Welcome to New Zealand! Agreed, come to Wellington =) There are really nice boutique shops here.


  2. OtherMix says:

    I love those scarfs! Period! The boots are awesome too!


  3. dragon fruit says:

    I love circle scarves! the best in the cold wintertime.



  4. Grace says:

    the scarf looks so cozy!

    xx Grace


  5. Ria says:

    Loving the black and grey and the boots.


  6. Charlotte says:

    I want your blazer. Badly.


  7. Christchurch is a beautiful city. It must be colder than what you are used to at the moment?

    Japan Australia


  8. LadyLUX says:

    LOVE your infinity scarf!


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