June 23, 2009
Arissa Ha

Arissa outfit post 03

I was out shopping with Dawn. Too much money has been spent today.

Nothing much about this outfit, except featuring my favorite cap which has an embroidered dragon. I bought this in Ueno, Tokyo in an obscure shop frequented by the Yakuza I think. The shop owner seems to have plenty of photos taken of them.

Arissa outfit post 01

Arissa outfit post 02

The rest are the usual.

Black tank: Old navy
Grey tank and shorts:Forever21
Bag: M)phosis
Boots: Harajuku shoes
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5 Responses to “Outfit post: Dragons are hot”

  1. Saus says:

    Did they sell big dragon shirts?
    I would like to get one with a dragon all over the back.


  2. s. says:

    I love how your hair looks! cute! can’t wait for mine to grow out again ;_;


  3. Arissa says:

    s. : Grow yours out~! You have the most volatile hairstyle among us. It’s always changing~!!


  4. mi mi says:

    i love ur bag! i live in toronto. where can i get that bag? i’ve never heard of that brand before….do u have the website or sumthing?


  5. Arissa says:

    Hi MiMi,

    this is a local brand from Singapore. As far as I know, they don’t have a website. >_< sorry~


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