We were heading to a friend’s birthday celebration when we found this place. 😀 It is always awesome finding new places to take pictures in, everything just seems to flow better against a nice backdrop!

My hair was awful that day because of all the rain and humidity. Having a good hair day is apparently too much to ask for in Singapore.

These leggings are a gift from my friend who went to Bangkok. I love them so much (even though they are really tight on me – sigh) Shopping in Bangkok seems to be so different now than what I remembered it to be. Perhaps it’s time to visit Bangkok soon for food and shopping!

Looking at this profile of me, I was suddenly reminded of my mum’s nickname for me as a kid. She still calls me ducklips sometimes ):

New PS1 inspired bag from Far East Plaza, from a shop called “arm candy”. I think they have a facebook page somewhere!

Outfit breakdown:

  • Draped outer: Birthday gift
  • Chiffon dress (worn inside): Hong Kong
  • Belt: Rubi
  • Tights: Bangkok
  • Shoes: H&M
  • Bag: Arm Candy