For those who don’t follow us on twitter (it’s @monoxious by the way), Dawn and I met in Paris last weekend.

For us, it had always been meeting every week but that was before Dawn left for London. The last two months had been excruciatingly lonely for me.

I had to head to Paris for work and Dawn decided to come down and spend the weekend together. She wasn’t too fond of Paris previously and I had to change that. Paris is a beautiful city and we had so much fun walking around, taking pictures and eating.

These replica Theyskens Theory wedges were really painful to wear without stockings. I had decided to give it another chance with some new tights that I bought from ASOS. I could not resist the lace print. The fact that they end at the thighs make my legs look longer for some reason.

The weather was also remarkably kind to us. Dawn mentioned that the weather had hit single digit in London but we had a fair bit of sun while we were in Paris. It was nothing short of perfect. I carried around a light cape and it was all I needed.

Black outfit breakdown:

  • Dress with white trim: H&M
  • Sheer blouse with tie collar: H&M
  • Cape: m)phosis
  • Clutch bag: Alexander Wang replica from Taobao
  • Tights/Stockings: ASOS
  • Shoes: Theyskens Theory replica from Taobao