Darkness of the unknown 01

I bought a new dress this week. This probably makes it my 5397269834th black outfit.

Don’t remind me how many variations of this dress I have in my wardrobe. This one has a longer hemline at the back which makes it awesome. Your argument is therefore invalid.

It’s been raining everyday for the past 2 weeks ( I think…) and it was so hard to catch the sun. When I saw that it was up and there were patches of blue I ran out immediately to have pictures taken instead of just having it at the same old place.
Alas, I have been tricked, I got an awesomely treacherous looking sky instead.

Darkness of the unknown 02

It wasn’t shortly after this picture was taken, a downpour was upon me. /gloom

I am loving this pair of thigh high boots and the gloves with pyramid stud details. Yes, I know it’s inappropriate for Singapore’s weather but a girl can play dressup can’t she? ; )

Black Outfit Breakdown:

  • Dress: m)phosis
  • Necklace: m)phosis
  • Thigh High Boots: Zara
  • Gloves with pyramid stud detail: Topshop