Ah, the Colosseum! I can’t stress enough how much I’ve wanted to visit Rome and the Colosseum is definitely one of the places I needed to cross out on my “list of places to visit before I die”.

It took 45mins before we could get tickets into the Colosseum but it was a breathtaking sight.

Most of the time I was just wedged in between a lot of tourists trying to get a good shot of the place. Thank god for my wide angle lens though, it really does show the awesomeness of the structure.

It was really hot but I felt that I needed something to cover my shoulders at the risk of getting sunburn (cue: Phuket in April 2011).

I definitely come back here. I hope the wish at Trevi Fountain works!

Black Outfit Breakdown:

  • Shirt: H&M
  • Pants: Topshop
  • Shoes: Charles and Keith
  • Bag: My Room at Far East Plaza
  • Sunglasses: Harajuku street, Tokyo