I’d have to say, it’s not everyday that you try to check the weather so that you can dress appropriately in Singapore cause it usually fluctuates between 30-32°C anyway. So there we were, caught off guard about what to wear for the day that we would describe as “cold” in Singapore. This is how difficult it can be to master the art of streetstyle in Singapore.

So Dawn and I chose to be seated outdoors while having dinner and this draft bothered us so much that we decided to check the temperature. It was freezing 25°C, don’t get us wrong, we’ve both been through sub-zero temperatures before but something below 30°C is not within our calculations in Singapore.

Wearing a mish-mash of my favorite accessories. If you’re wondering why I haven’t gotten the iPhone 4 yet, it’s cause the white one isn’t released in Singapore yet. /sadface

Just lopped off more than 5 inches of hair off yesterday. It isn’t terribly drastic but well, I am kinda missing the length.

Black Outfit Breakdown:

  • Camisole: Old Navy
  • Sheer top with frills: Bugis Village (seems to be a copy of a top from Topshop)
  • Jeans: Forever 21
  • Harness: Wonderwool (Haji Lane)
  • Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (I seem to be determined to wear them to death these days)
  • Accessories: Surface to Air Ring, Marc Jacobs, , m)phosis
  • Bag: Alexa knockoff from Far East Plaza