Living in an urban city really doesn’t afford much inspiring shots. Or maybe we just need to try harder.

I love this dress I bought in Hong Kong early this year. Unfortunately it’s a little loose on the top for me. I never try on clothes in stores (I have an odd aversion to doing so, unless I am really unsure) so ill fitting clothes happen too often to me. I really miss shopping in Hong Kong! Shopping there is really about the small independent shops that caters to very specific styles. One thing I hate about shopping in Singapore is that while you do get a lot of small shops here as well, their styles are all over the place. I just don’t see a direction in most of the shops here.

The stockings are from Forever 21! I fulfil all my stockings needs there. They are of decent quality, stock a wide variety and is most importantly, cheap. I haven’t been wearing stockings for a while now because of how swampy the weather has been.

Outfit Breakdown:

  • Jacket: H&M
  • Dress: DressHead
  • Tights: Forever 21
  • Shoes: Siren