September 3, 2009
Arissa Ha

I was attending a course today and it required me to be in a more or less formal outfit. I wouldn’t say this is “formal” per se but I managed to scrape through the day without any reprimanding so I guess we’re all okay.

I am in love with these shoes as usual. I get alot of compliments with them. Currently massively in love with putting on lots of hardware on the neck as you can see here.

Arissa lookbook 030909-1

Arissa lookbook 030909-2

My watch was from New York’s MoMa Design store.

The tank top actually comes with attached chains but I threw on more chain necklaces.

Arissa lookbook 030909-3

Outfit rundown:

Blazer: M)phosis

Tank top with chains: M)phosis

Necklace: M)phosis

Pants: Uniqlo

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell for LF stores.

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  1. zemotion says:

    On a completely random note, I can’t wait for Uniqlo +J~!


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