Backlog time! I wish that blogging could be my day job but I have to eat and pay my bills. My hair is currently a gorgeous shade of blue but I suppose I shouldn’t confuse everyone with a current post and then go back to old pictures.


I absolutely love the AMEN Label necklace which I got from the Underground market flea. The chain braid was a tad heavy and I get neckaches easily so I modified the necklace myself and added the crucifix, a gift from Nicole.



The Alexander Wang Mackenzie shoes are a bitch and a half to wear. They look gorgeous but I can last only 2 hours tops. What do I do after 2 hours, you ask? I bring a change of shoes or chill out in a cafe while I let those aching feet recuperate before I subject them to more agony. No pain, no gain.


Dress / Dress Head • Hat / H&M • Bag /The Satchel Company • Shoes /Alexander Wang MacKenzie • Necklace /AMEN Label
• Hair/Hairloom •
(Picture credits: Venetia)