March 7, 2011
Dawn Poh

Sorry for the lack of full body shots. I am especially terrible at them for some reason.

I am very much addicted to GongCha.

Polka dotted skirt from m)phosis. It isn’t easy to find skirts that fits me without being too short or flared. Ribbon tights from Miss Selfridge.

This always end up happening after a few wears ):

Arissa’s awesome nails, featuring the Black Shatter top coat from OPI.

..which oddly matches her phone

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6 Responses to “Outfit Post: Black Milk [Black Outfits]”

  1. Janine says:

    This is sexy! Love.


  2. xoF says:

    omg why no face in these pictures! but really awesome black outfits youve got there!


  3. Josey Zheng says:

    This photo series caused immense curiosity! I want to see you two, gorgeous girls! Hehehe. Or is this post a mere teaser for the upcoming posts?



  4. Briana says:

    I love the crackled nails, used to do that all the time. So glad that trend is coming back. :)


    Arissa replied on

    I’m glad too. You should’ve seen my nail polish craze of late. I went out and bought 20 bottles of nail polish.


  5. Blackcowboy says:

    OMG love your boots, they are so hot!
    how do you like my style?

    kind regards from Germany


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