February 26, 2010
Dawn Poh

I am in love with this jacket I just purchased in London.

I love that bracelet because it kind of reminds me of ID tags.

And these boots are made for walking and world domination.

Black Outfit Breakdown:

  • Hairband: Forever21
  • Jacket: Zara
  • Dress: Mango
  • Tights: Bugis Street
  • Boots: Aldo
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10 Responses to “Outfit post: Bittersweet Symphony [Black Outfits]”

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  2. Kirafashion says:

    such a fab girl you are!
    Love your total black look!


  3. neekoh says:

    Are those studs on the cuffs? Nice! Way to make a black jacket (and ensemble) interesting.



  4. Lebasi says:


    P.S. You are coming back soon! đŸ˜€


  5. Margaret says:

    Stunning jacket :) Lucky you for being in London
    great blog!
    stop by some time xx


  6. styleezta says:

    Love London :) Really unique clothes!


  7. Azlyn says:

    I nearly bought that Zara jacket a week ago too! But I can’t really justify wearing it here in SG … okay fine, although the material isn’t too thick I know! :)


  8. wy says:

    OMIIGOD! AND YOU’RE JUST 18! GODDAMNIT. I’M TOTALLY IN LOVE WIT CHA EVERYTHING, HAIR (liese? no offence if it was professionally done, but ur hair color is really nicely evened out!), MAKEUP (how did cha do..), and DEFFO, CLOTHES.
    The way you mix match everything is FAB. And you’re just 18? Same age as my Sister who’s just finished her As (awaiting results in like.. day.).

    How’s your A Levels? Hope you’ve did well! Anyway keep it up. WE WANNNA SEE MORE MORE MORE!

    *enthusiastic maniac


  9. Linda says:

    Luv the gothic look with studs!
    I saw the jacket in zara but i dun think i can pull it off!!
    nice mix!:)


  10. i just shitted bricks when i saw your jacket.


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