As part of the Singapore Biennale, Nishi Tatzu has created a space in the form of a hotel room around the iconic Merlion statue of Singapore. The hotel is available for overnight stays and when the bookings were open to public from 28 Feb, the slots went out within the first 2 hours. My boyfriend and his dad were lucky to get a night each and I had the opportunity to visit it without having too many strangers around.

I do think Singapore has a pretty decent skyline.

If you ask me, it was pretty odd having a hotel room right in the middle of nowhere. My boyfriend commented it would be really cool to get drunk in Butter Factory and then literally just walk back to the Merlion Hotel. And in case you don’t know, “to merlion” also means to throw up, so yeahhhhh… it’s kinda apt to be staying there.

It’s kinda odd having the bed right in the projectile range of the Merlion. I can’t imagine if someone accidentally switches it on and you have a shower in the middle of your sleep. The novelty of having the Merlion in your room wore off in about 20 mins. I soon got bored.

The hotel amenities were managed by Fullerton Hotel Singapore and they certainly do not spare on the details. They were excellent hosts and everything was perfect. My only gripe about the room was the tacky wallpaper (Sir Stamford Raffles, Marina Bay sands, Merlion and god knows what else. SRSLY!).

The artist’s name on the bathroom tiles. People can look right through that window when you’re sitting there. Not the level of privacy I’d usually like to have.

The sunset and sunrise at this location is really awesome too.

Black Outfit Breakdown:

  • Camisole: H&M
  • Skirt: H&M
  • Outer throw-over: m)phosis
  • Shoes: Charles & Keith

On another artsy note, is anyone going for the Salvatore Dali exhibition at the Art Science Museum? 😀