October 14, 2011
Arissa Ha

Can someone just PLEASE invent teleportation already? I just can’t wait to be home.

Also, I started playing dressup cause there wasn’t really anything to do.

You can really make out the odd drapes of this tshirt from the side view.

Dressup was actually an excuse to abuse the awesome lighting that I had that day. I’m going to miss it.

Black Outfit Breakdown:

  • Tshirt: m)phosis
  • Leather shorts: H&M
  • Shoes: Rick Owens with the feathery stuff from m)phosis.
  • Boots: Ann Demeulemeester.
  • Metal cuffs: m)phosis
  • Necklace: Far East Plaza
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5 Responses to “Outfit Post: Anywhere but home [Black Outfit Ideas]”

  1. Lebasi says:

    Awesome beautiful pictures! Like a magazine. Woohoo


  2. Cool lighting with the white t-shirt :)

    Japan Australia


  3. Lia says:

    I am loving all your shoes in this post! Just came across your site recently and am still looking through old posts, but already I admire your style – especially since you focus on one of my all time favorite colors. :)


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