Apparently I look convincing as a man so I’m really succeeding at this whole androgynous thing. A crisp white shirt is a staple in anyone’s wardrobe, I found this in the Uniqlo’s global flagship store in NYC as I was trying to look for something to buy from the +J collection. Unfortunately I did not bag anything from the +J collection but bought lots of heat tech stuff and a staple white shirt instead. Now add in some anti-wrinkle technology and it would be perfect.

Silver collar necklace is a cheap find from H&M. I love how affordable their accessories are.

I love my recent taobao/Peeka loot which included these garter stockings and the replica Alexander Wang Kristen satchel. It’s pretty decently made as opposed to the other stuff I saw on taobao which are all PU leather.

Barely survived the day with these Theyskens Theory replica. Dawn was on the receiving end of my grumpiness and I ended up buying a new pair of shoes which regrettably made my feet hurt too.

Black Outfit Breakdown:

  • Blazer:  Zara
  • White shirt: Uniqlo
  • Black leatherette skirt:  The Scarlet room
  • Stockings: taobao
  • Bag: Alexander Wang Kristen satchel replica from taobao
  • Shoes: Theyskens Theory replica from taobao
  • Neck collar: H&M

I wonder if anyone would be interested in a white shirt series. Anyone? Anyone?