September 30, 2011
Arissa Ha

Been procrastinating on this set of photos for a while cause it’s the last set of outfit photos I have that’s shot by Dawn. It’s kinda unsettling when the fact hits you like that and we’ve never really discussed how a farewell is going to be like or what is going to become of this blog (both of us didn’t take farewells very well believe me).

And it’s really scary when your best friend leaves, it’s worse than going through a breakup. You automatically assume that you can replace your ex-boyfriend with another one but when it comes to best friends, there is no one that can replace them. Okay, I’m making it sound like Dawn and I have broken up, which isn’t the case but yeah, I miss her.

This is turning out to be a sappy open love letter to Dawn so I should really stop and talk about the outfit instead. :/

This pair of Rick Owens makes my feet hurt like a bitch. I have shoes that are painful to wear but this definitely ranks in like the top 3.

Knuckle rings! I wish I had bought another set for the other hand as well, maybe I should get round to it when I feel like shopping online.

We threw in some leather accents in this outfit. Who says you can’t wear leather in Singapore?

Black Outfit Breakdown:

  • Asymmetrical tank top: Necessary clothing, NYC
  • Leather shorts: H&M
  • Tights: Topshop
  • Alexander Wang inspired bag: Taobao
  • Shoes: Rick Owens
  • Knuckle rings: ASOS
  • Leather wrist cuffs: H&M
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8 Responses to “Outfit Post: And we said adieu [Black Outfit Ideas]”

  1. Crystal says:

    Hey Arissa, I really hope you two find a way to keep this blog up I have been following your fashion since you dressed with lolita dresses which I still love by the way, how long will Dawn be in London? I know you two will find a way to keep your fashion fans in the loop, so good luck you two and don’t give up OK


  2. Lebasi says:

    Oh beautiful shoes, y u so painful? /sayang

    When I see those shorts.. I think of.. You know? ;p


  3. Grace says:

    This outfit is so cute!

    xx Grace


  4. A great outfit and really like the tights with the shoes :)

    Japan Australia


  5. Venetia says:

    awesome rings! ;p


  6. MINMINZ. says:

    Hey , I love your website and outfits :-)
    The knuckle rings really caught my attention, but I couldn’t find them on the ASOS site anymore..? :-( Is there any other online website / blogshop to purchase the rings? :-)


    Arissa replied on

    If I’m not wrong, it’s an in-house design. I doubt there are any other places selling it. sorry.


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