Yes everyone! Remember the Tampines1 Competition? Voting has begun on Tampines1’s Facebook Page! Simply become a fan and “like” the picture – it is really as simple as that!

The idea behind my choice was to create a strong silhouette in relation to the soft, drapey shape of the skirt. I like to play with silhouettes and textures, so I chose a fitted, textured top to juxtapose it against the smooth and loose shape of the skirt, and cinched the look off with a statement belt. I feel that proportions are extremely important when wearing a high waisted skirt like this, so I broke up the torso using a different coloured top and belt so as to make the legs look longer. I topped the look off with a draped jacket to add a dash of contrast to the light colours of the top and skirt. The look I’ve created is simple yet sophisticated, and can bring you anywhere from shopping to a cocktail party.

Every item comprising this look can be found in Tampines1!

  • Pleated Beige Skirt: Bysi, $49
  • Pintuck Dress (worn as top): Topshop, $106
  • Belt: Dorothy Perkins, $33
  • Shoes: My own

And some extra pictures, because there can never be too many :)

I am very thankful for everyone who have voted, and that includes you! (I hope). Remember, all you need to do is become a fan at Tampines1’s Facebook Page, and “like” the image. It won’t take up a minute of your time, but it will sure make my day.