If you haven’t guessed it already, we love Haji lane. No place is more characteristic of Singapore streetstyle quite like Haji lane! We often get asked questions like “What is the SoHo/Carnaby of Singapore?” or “Where should we shop in Singapore to get your unique street style?”. Our answer would inadvertently be Haji Lane: Home to many small fashion boutiques of Singaporean designers. Fashion isn’t exactly a thriving business in Singapore, so I feel that it’s important to support local labels to create a trend for street style we can call our own. Not to mention, it’s probably the only place here where you can get some thrifting done. Vintage lovers and thrifting enthusiasts rejoice! Haji Lane is probably one of the very few places where thrift stores exist. When I have the time, we will definitely do up a list of shops in Haji Lane.

I love the atmosphere of the quaint little shops there. Each shop is carefully decorated and the displays are exquisite, (You can see some of them here! ) and you definitely feel that the service and environment there is more personal compared to the many faceless shops in Bugis or Far East Plaza.  I love how graffiti splashes each wall. Haji Lane is definitely the place where Singaporean designers, musicians and artists congregate, giving a very artsy yet authentic vibe to the area. Here, you won’t find the glitz and glamour of huge international chain stores, but the gritty honest representation of Singapore street style.

I have had many people ask me where I bought this alexa knockoff bag from. Well, it’s from one of the little shops in Haji Lane! It’s made of synthetic leather as well, so cheers to all you animal lovers and vegan readers out there! I know there is a lot of stigma attached to designer knock-offs, but I feel that supporting the environment with vegan friendly fashion far outweighs supporting the intellectual property of a million-dollar industry. And let’s be honest: People who wants the real deal wouldn’t settle for knockoffs anyway.

And yes, we are still insisting on wearing black outfits even in the crazy Singapore heat! (Why hello, thunder thighs. I think it’s nigh time you make friends with the treadmill.)

Black Oufit breakdown

  • Black Chiffon Dress: Bugis Street
  • Alexa knockoff bag: Haji Lane
  • Scarf (worn as hair bow): Diva
  • Stella McCartney inspired shoes: Siren