I know it’s only the start of November but hey, let’s just consider this part one.

Lots of stuff from my recent trip to Seoul and San Francisco. I hate it when I shop with an open mind cause I end up buying random stuff instead of having something specific to look for. Shopping when you’re extremely jetlagged does not help either.

I dropped by Harputs Union when I was in San Francisco. Gus always makes offers I can’t resist, I ended picking up this lightweight nylon Swacket which I can also use when I’m in Singapore. The one I bought previously is made of wool which makes only possible to wear during winter. This one is simply perfect.

Faux leather panelled skirt from Zara. It has pockets. Enough said.

Weird wool hoodie scarf thingama I got from Seoul. It keeps me warm.

Rick Owens lookalike draped jacket from Seoul. It’s faux leather, I doubt it’ll keep me very warm in winter though.

Half leather gloves which I bought from m)phosis. Still boggles my mind why we sell gloves in Singapore.

Shoes from Furmüse is Cineleisure, Singapore. The soles resemble shoes from Camilia Skövgaard, the hidden wedges add height to the wearer, I spotted the exact same shoes when I was in Seoul. Let’s just say I got ripped off in Singapore.

Hope everyone’s had a good year so far! I’m really looking forward to the next.