We were just surfing karmaloop (our favourite past time – Internet Window shopping) when we came across these nOir jewellery x Barbie™ collaboration pieces! nOir jewellery really have the most marvellous collaborations (see what I did there, ha).  I think this Barbie collaboration is my favourite yet! I love how girly and edgy these pieces are. Most Barbie accessory collaborations tend to lean towards juvenile, but I would wear all these pieces in a heartbeat. My slight fanaticism with Barbies as a kid might have something to do with it.

I love how chunky the chains are on this necklace. Anything daintier would make it too girly. This is definitely a statement necklace for the bold dressers!

My favourite piece has got to be this set of stackable rings! I have always wanted studded rings from nOir, they are so understated on their own, but add them together and they add a punch! I would expect hot pink jewellery to look tacky, but these aren’t in the least.

Other pieces include keyfobs in delightful shades of gold and pink. I could really see Nicki Minaj rocking all of these pieces!!

Available on Karmaloop