I don’t know how people feel about these. There’s a love hate relationship with things that are see through, it’s as if you want the whole world to see what you are carrying around but yet, it’s awesome cause you have nothing to hide.

This clutch was an unexpected find. I ventured into a shop I usually didn’t, saw this clutch, turn to Dawn and declared that I want it. Then I picked it up and declared to the sales person that I wanted it.

It isn’t a huge clutch, it can’t even fit my wallet. If you’re just heading out for a nice dinner and you just want to have something to put your phone, lipbalm, keys and credit card into, this would be perfect and eye-catching.

What do you think about see-through items? Love or hate? (on a related note, I just love the Acrylic clutch from Maison Martin Margiela)