Hello there!

As you might have noticed, monoxious went from looking dark and ominous to bright and minimalistic. We went live last night with the help of our excellent, dedicated and efficient developer. He’s an absolute joy to work with and serves to remind us of our inefficiency and how big a procrastinator we really are.

Speaking of inefficiency, my days mostly revolved around playing PocketFrogs on my iPad where I like to do nothing but grind levels, watch Big Bang Theory and Community and be a horrible lazy bummer. On days where I do dress up to go out, we’d conveniently forget to take outfit shots. *shifty eyes*

I’m not sure if anyone else feels this but the appearance of the blog highly affects my productivity. Dawn and I were so relieved when the new layout went live last night. We’ve been working on it for months, trying to tweak the little details. It’s not perfect, but in our opinion a far cry from our previous one which we found to be a little oppressive.

We have many plans in store in the next few weeks so stay tuned! And we’d like to thank you for your continuous support. Hope you enjoy the new layout too!