While etsy is picking up on the western hemisphere, I think it still remains rather unheard of this side of the world. (In a nutshell, etsy is like ebay, except that all of its products are catered uniquely to consumers looking for handmade and vintage accessories and clothing, rather than the heaps of mass-produced goods that tend to flood ebay.) If you are looking for unique accessories and personalized services, etsy is the place for you. Surfing through etsy can be an extremely daunting task at first. Half of the time I wasn’t even sure what to look for, much less where. Hence, I’ve decided to put together a list of my top 5 etsy accessories shops, with my choice selection!

1) Abigail A. Percy Jewellery

Organic jewellery design

I simply adore jewellery that is organic looking and inspired by nature. Pieces like these are bold enough for people to take notice, but subtle enough to compliment most outfits without taking the focus away from it. Accessories like this suits a wide variety of styles, and you can wear it both casually, as well as a statement piece in a formal outfit. The earrings would be a perfect fall accessory with loosely tied hair and a light scarf. It is classic and very wearable, hence earning the top spot in my list of top 5 etsy shops!

2) Moon Raven Designs

I’ll be perfectly honest here. The only reason why this is second on my list of top 5 etsy accessory shops is because it is slightly less wearable on a daily basis. Other than that, this is my personal number 1 on  etsy!

etsy skeleton ringbird claw ring

I’ve never seen any designs quite like these. They are a mix of macabre and beauty. I love how delicate and fragile these designs seem, even if they are made to resemble chameleon skulls and severed bird’s feet. These are pieces that are not obtrusive on their own, but will take your breath away upon closer inspection. These accessories will never go out of fashion and I certainly view them as being investments. The prices are actually very reasonable as well, surprisingly! If I were to get these (which will most likely happen) I will wear them with everything.

3)  BloodMilk

“Supernatural designs for the surrealist darlings”. Their shop description just about sums it up perfectly.

Sparrow claw necklacehummingbird skull ring

Look at how the sparrow claws are replicated down to every little wrinkle in the skin. On first glance, I thought the double rings were made to look like interlocking ulna and radius bones. It’s only upon closer inspection that I realized that they were in fact hummingbird skulls! I simply love how exquisite these pieces look. If I can afford to buy every single item in this store, I certainly would.

4) Anne Ardent McDonald

By now, you should realize that I have a penchant for accessories inspired by nature and human anatomy. At first glance, I wasn’t very impressed by the selection of jewellery in this store, but if there’s one trick you must learn when surfing etsy, it is to keep your eyes open. The perfect accessories could be hiding in the least likely of stores!

square bone ringteeth ring

It’s amazing how many designs can revolve around the basic theme of the human anatomy. These unique pieces definitely earned their place in my list of top 5 etsy accessories shops!

5) Paradise Findings

parrot skull pocketwatchparrot skull pendant

I had such hard time looking for steampunk accessories until I’ve stumbled upon Etsy. Once again, these items are actually very reasonably priced for the amount of work that has obviously gone into it! With these, you can bet that you won’t be seeing anyone wearing the same accessory any time soon.

What are your favourite shops on etsy? What do you like to buy there?