Well, that was a little lie. These are not exactly all I want for Christmas, but they certainly are a step in the right direction! Christmas always comes as a headache for me – after 20 odd years of not celebrating Christmas with my family, I am suddenly thrown into a frenzy when I was invited to spend the holidays with my partner’s family last year. The bigger headache was not thinking about what to get for them, but rather suggesting what others could get for me. Naturally, there are other things to take into consideration (i.e. budget), but I went overboard creating an ultimate wish list of sorts! Here are the things I want for an utterly indulgent Christmas (mouseover for details):

  1. Sophie Hulme Bow Mini Envelope Bag, US$565.00
  2. Helmut Lang Sonar Wool Jacket, US$395.00
  3. Alexander Wang Soft Pelican Satchel, US$895.00
  4. PLUIE Antler Barrette, US$126.00
  5. Kate Spade Skinny Bow Bracelet, US$78.00
  6. 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Medium Satchel, US$895.00
  7. Alexander Wang Runway Key Clutch, US$350.00
  8. Alexander Wang Lovisa Pumps, US$495.00
  9. Saint Laurent Classic Preppy Round Sunglasses, US$310.00
  10. Carolina Amato Shearling Cuff Leather Gloves, US$135.00

Hopefully this can also serve to help those who are puzzling over what to get! Other Christmas gift ideas are more than welcome – what’s on your list this year? I’m so enamoured by the Sophie Hulme bow bag that it might actually go on my real wishlist. x