We interrupt this string of travel posts to bring you something that might actually be of interest. A long time ago, Dawn wrote a post about book clutches and I fancied the idea of making one myself. Fast forward to the time I visited Francfranc in Tokyo, I came across boxes that are made to resemble books and the idea of making a book clutch out of it hit me.

Sourcing for the right materials itself took me a lot of time. I wanted a book clutch that resembles some of those fancy old bibles with book corners, a leather strap and clasp. Searching for the right clasp proved difficult and I had bought clasps from Singapore, Tokyo and finally found the right one in New York.

Enough babble, here is what you will need for your DIY.

Materials you will need:

  • Book Box from FrancFranc (Or any old book you’re willing to sacrifice by hollowing them out)
  • 4 Book corners from Botani trim (NYC)
  • Clasp from Botani trim (NYC)
  • Leather strap or old belt with the same width as the clasp
  • Tools like hammer, pliers, screws and screwdriver
  • Leather punch (not pictured)
  • Craft knife (not pictured)

As you can see, the book box is convenient cause it’s already hollowed out, if I weren’t picky, I could use this on its own. There is a tiny magnet that gives some sort of resistance when you try to open or close it. I wouldn’t count on it to stay closed when I carry it around with my stuff rattling around in it though.

Using a pair of pliers, carefully fix the book corners to each corner. This will protect the edges against wear and tear when you bring the book clutch out.

Next, press the end of the clasp that is supposed to go on the leather strap to make a marking.

You should end up with markings for holes like these.

Choose the appropriate size for the leather punch then make the holes as marked by the clasp.

Screw the clasp in place.

Punch holes in the other end of the strap and make the markings on the book with a pencil. The strap should sit around the center of the book on the back.

Make holes in the book so that the leather strap can be secured onto it.

Attach the leather strap onto the book with appropriate screws. Ideally, I would use flat top screws but I couldn’t find them so I had to make do with these.

The other end of the clasp does not sit flat on the front of the book so I had to make a recess for it. Mark the part that is protruding and cut out a recess using a craft knife. This part took a long time as the cover was made of compressed cardboard, I guess that also makes the book clutch durable.


Fix the clasp onto the recess and make sure it sits flat.

Secure it with screws (the clasp came with all these parts).



The book clutch is now done! It is actually decently sized so it can contain all the necessities like wallet, cellphone and keys.