It’s taken us a while to get this DIY done mainly cause I had to order the right paper for it. The Jil Sander Paper lunch bag is amongst the most popular bags from the Fall 2012 collection and is set to be the “it” bag of the season. Jil Sander isn’t going to cut off the top of their existing paper bag to sell, it has to be something that can withstand wear and tear. An actual paper bag will also tear at the slightest drizzle, leaving all your contents spilled over the floor. It’s a great idea if you only want to use it for one time (and hope that it doesn’t rain on the day you decide to bring it out) but I’ve decided to make one with a material that is waterproof and able to survive the daily grime.

You will need:

  • Kraft Paper
  • Scissors/craft knife
  • Ruler
  • Thick thread
  • Needles
  • Glue (I would recommend spray mount glue or a really strong adhesive)

You will need specifically waterproof Kraft paper. Google it and you’ll be able to find many sources that sell it. Basically, I’d be able to spill water on my bag and the contents will still be dry. It will crumple like regular paper and I really love the worn look.

You will need the size of the paper to be 74cm by 34cm.

Fold the ends so that they overlap in the middle by 1com. This will create an allowance for sewing them together later.

Fold the side inwards like an accordion, the panels are 5cm each. In effect, your paper bag will open up to be 10cm wide.

Prepare a length of thread that is about 85-90cm long.

Poke stitching holes along the side. They are about 5mm from the side. Be sure to poke carefully and only have the holes go through the 2 ends of the paper and not the other side of the bag.

I am using a 2 needle saddle stitch which is commonly used to stitch leather. I found a really helpful tutorial here.

This will be what you get after you have finished the entire length.

Fold a line about 12cm from the opening of the bag and fold the side into a neat triangle like so. Repeat with the other side as well.

Fold everything flat and it will look like this. After that, fold the flaps inwards and secure with glue.

Your bag is now done!

Once again, if you like the tutorial, you’re welcomed to post it on your own blog but please do not repost the entire tutorial. Post one or two teaser photos if you will and link back to us. We would really appreciate it.