monoxious minty strawberry 2 small

I got my done at Hairloom again! The inspiration was from a friend’s pink phone which had a mint green cover which I thought was really cute looking. A few google searches later, I had the perfect picture to represent the kind of pink and mint green combination I wanted.

When I got to Hairloom, my stylist Peter asked what I would like to do with my hair and I showed him my inspiration picture. He looked at the lavender from my previous dye job with them and said that it still looks nice so he would like to keep it and then Fern (the most AWESOME dye technician I swear) took over and bleached my hair to touch up the roots and to get the residual pink out from the top and began to work her magic.

monoxious minty strawberry 3 small

Fern didn’t even get to see my inspiration picture and she got the freaking shade right. I don’t know how she does this and I was half afraid I might end up looking like some Kpop dude (no offense to those who like them) when I wanted to look like a pastel goth. If you look closely enough, you can spot the blue on the tips. I basically have really awesome looking rainbow hair right now.

monoxious minty strawberry small

I walked out of Hairloom grinning at how my hair is basically the most beautiful thing that people are going to set eyes on that day. To call the hardworking team at Hairloom stylists would be undermining their abilities and talent; they are artists and great at what they do. I have no qualms about recommending them to anyone who would like to colour their hair.

Speaking of which, their 1-for-1 colouring deal is still on until 20 April. Simply go with a friend and you only end up paying the price of the one that is of higher value. Please show them some love!