Hey everyone! Yay for titles with no relevance whatsoever! I’ve decided to do a meme in the spirit of things recently, listing my top 6 (because I was too lazy to think of 10) favourite items/activities with regards to fashion. Why only fashion? Because none of you needs to know that all I do is play Super Mario and Left 4 Dead all day instead of blogging diligently like I ought to. Or that I own an impressive collection of zombie-related literature and survival guides. Well, now you know, but don’t judge okay!

Moving on,

I.Bracelets! I have so many of them that I can make arm guards when I wear them all at once. Sometimes Arissa and I would stack them all together and play some sort of weird accessory Jenga when we are bored. I prefer metal bracelets or leather cuffs with metal detailing. I am not really a fan of charm bracelets.

II. DIY! I am absolutely useless at the more feminine crafts of knitting, crocheting or embroidering. What I lack in these however, I try to make up for it with sewing, shredding and cutting. That being said, if any of you have something you want to suggest to us for DIY, please please go ahead and ask!!

III. Chains. Chain detailing, chain bracelets, chain bags… We have enough chain necklaces combined to put Mr. T and Givenchy to shame, I swear.

IV. With what seems like a contination of above, chunky necklaces! I absolutely adore those with a metric shitton of useless junk dangling off it.

V. Hair accessories. Practically a religion for me. I never feel that an outfit is complete unless I do my hair, and my hair is rarely complete without a hair accessory. I have so many hats, hairbands and clips it’s not even funny.

VI. If hair accessories are a religion, then shoes must be the holy grail.


    Hong Kong Disneyland!

I had the oppurtunity to travel to Hong Kong Disneyland over the weekend as a star guest.