No, don’t worry. We are not turning into a Beauty blog, Singapore has enough of those already. This blog will still be about fashion most of the time, it is just that I couldn’t resist doing this look after receiving a request for a natural sunkissed makeup tutorial. I used to be all about heavy makeup back when I was younger, but I am starting to get more into ‘natural’ looking makeup. “Natural” because I don’t necessarily believe in the mantra that less makeup is more. I am not blessed with such a good complexion that I can get away with just minimal makeup. When I say natural, I mean lighter, neutral colours and more subtle lines, and creating definition though highlighting and contouring. But trust takes as long and as many products as any other ‘Party’ look. As usual, start off with your usual skincare regime (sunscreen, moisturiser) before makeup!

I think the key to this look are the lashes. Long lashes really help open up your eyes. Don’t worry if you have short bottom lashes though, there are tons of fake bottom lashes out there…just make sure to pick one that is natural and subtle.

Products used (labelled in pictures):
Eyes: Eyeshadow 1 Majolica Majorca BR665,Β  Eyeshadow 2 The Face Shop BR 806, Eyeshadow 3 NARS Alahambra, Eyeshadow 4 MAC Nylon, KATE gel eyeliner, Majolica Majorca mascara.

Face: Revlon Bronzer in 01 Natural Bronze, Majolica Majorca blush in OR211, MAC iridescent pressed powder in Delicacy

Here are some of the key things to note for this look

  • Thicker brows with gradation. Skinny brows that are the same colour throughout makes you look older and more made up. Brows should ideally be the lightest nearer to your nose, getting darker as it reaches towards your temples. And obviously it should be thinner at the ends too. I don’t understand why some girls like brows that look like they have been drawn on with a sharpie. The rule of the thumb is that brows should be one shade darker than your hair, but girls with black hair should go for grey brow pencils!
  • Orange or Coral Blush: Bright pastel pinks may look really cute but they probably won’t help with a natural look. You are aiming for a “I have just came in from the cold” or “I have been out exercising in the sun” kind of flush. Experiment to find the blush that fits you the most!
  • Eyeliner: Draw it as close to the lashline / in between the lashline as possible. Avoid slathering on a thick line – save that for smokey eye makeup!
  • Eyeshadow: I like pale, neutral shades like brown and gold. Some girls look really good with light pink eyeshadow too!

It’s a really easy and versatile look. You can wear it to brunches, picnics, school or even work! I wish I had the Urban Decay Naked palette so I can do this makeup anywhere!