November 28, 2011
Dawn Poh

I must be the last person to buy into the Urban Decay Naked palette hype. Arissa got me to try hers when we were in Paris, and I was completely sold on it. Sleek makeup is a brand that you can find in Superdrug here in the UK, and I really love how pigmented their products are. I bought the Au Naturel palette, but unfortunately a lot of the shades are way too chalky for my skin tone. I won’t bother showing the interior of both these palettes, as there are tons of (better) pictures available on the internet already. The Chanel Perfection Lumiére foundation was sort of an impulse buy at the airport as I was leaving Paris – I always believe that a good foundation is worth investing in, and I love how this smells and feels on the skin. Another perennial favourite would be the SK-II signature cream in foundation, which I have too featured here a while ago.

I am really sensitive to scents, certain types of perfume can make me sneeze uncontrollably or feel nauseous. I find myself leaning more towards light floral scents rather than cloyingly sweet ones. (To be honest, I really despise sweet scents that make me think that you are covered in cotton candy…) Anyway, my staple perfumes are Annick Goutal‘s Le Chevrefeuille and Chloé EDP Intense.

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2 Responses to “Lumière”

  1. Tiffany says:

    The packaging for the Naked & Sleek palettes are so nice!! They really match


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