I hope it’s not terribly gauche of me to post pictures of gifts I’ve received over the holiday season, but they are just too pretty not to photograph!! I don’t celebrate Christmas, so these are actually early birthday gifts from my friends and family ♥.

I have no idea that it was customary to give jewellery for someone’s 21st! I am absolutely in love with the Tiffany necklace Arissa got me. Thanks so much bb!! ;__;

My other friends got me the Agnès B. key and ribbon necklace. You might have noticed that I have worn it for a while already, because I received it before I left for school! The ring is a gift from my mom, and it’s just really great that every jewellery I wear now has a story behind them. 🙂

With the Bvlgari perfume I bought for myself as a Christmas gift…Honestly, I am just finding whatever excuses I can to buy stuff. I’m terrible.