June 1, 2009
Dawn Poh

It’s no news that hooker-worthy heels have made a comback on every major catwalk out there. If it isn’t at least 6 inches and doubles as a murder weapon, it simply wouldn’t do. And there are no better accessory to murder than hooker-worthy stockings. It’s the Bonnie and Clyde of leg fetishism. Much like hooker-worthy heels however, they do take a certain level of finesse to be able to pull it off.

Irregularity and asymmetry is the keyword here for fishnets, as these drool-worthy fishnets from Rodarte demonstrates. While nothing short of a miracle can bring regular fishnets back into style, a piece of razor and some elbow grease can do wonders.

The Now Smash of Style, Vogue Italia May 09
The Now Smash of Style, Vogue Italia May 09

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