March 13, 2012
Arissa Ha

I’m usually not fussy with nail polishes but after looking through all the lovely photos on Tumblr and Pinterest, I started buying quite a bit.

Currently obsessed with the “Metallic 4 life” polish from the OPI Nikki Minaj collection. It looks really pretty when applied. I’m thinking of gathering all my nail polishes and featuring them in one post.

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3 Responses to “Latest Obession: OPI Nail polish”

  1. Do itttt haha I love nail polishes :3
    Welcome to the club x)


  2. Joanna says:

    yesssss…. i love nail polish too! post please, would love to know your fave colours :)


  3. kuz.x says:

    A lot of people are obsessed with OPI. They have cool colors but the brush is too big for my nails.

    I like Essie a lot! The forumla is very smooth and applies very well. It has practically every color. Seriously.


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