Dawn and I are ecstatic. The email we received today literally threw me off my chair. It’s going to be a long post ahead, so hold on to your knickers horses.

Nuffnang award logo

Monoxious has been nominated as one of the Nuffnang Top 5 Fashion Blogs in the region.

For a blog that has only been around for the past 5 months, it is a huge honor to be nominated alongside big names in the region like Fashionation and Bryanboy.

The first ever Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards is hosted alongside partners, Pringles and the Singapore Tourism Board where Singapore would play host to 60 of the region’s best bloggers and 360 guests for an event spanning 3 Days and 2 nights come 23rd October.

Being from the host country, Singapore; I would be immensely proud to show hospitality to the bloggers from the region. Not unlike the tagline of the Singapore Tourism Board “Uniquely Singapore”, I think it takes a Singaporean to truly display a culture and experience that is distinct and one-of-a-kind.

Singapore prides itself on being number one. We have the world’s best airport and airline, the first and only F1 grand prix night race, the best zoo which boasts on rare and exotic animals with high fertility rates (which means the animals are happy) and many more.

We are a country with racial and religious harmony, I think it is difficult to find another place with a Church, a Chinese temple, an Indian temple and a Muslim Mosque along the same street. This unusual mix of cultures and race has also lead to a wide variety of cuisine that can also be found here in Singapore. Singaporeans -love- food.

Singapore is also listed under a Supercity in http://www.superfuture.com/ along with Paris, Tokyo, New York and London; promising to be one of the best cities for shopping in the region. We have a wide variety of newly added luxury goods store in Ion; one of the biggest shopping malls along Orchard Road. Even street labels like Topshop chooses to open their first regional store in Singapore. Local fashion labels like m)phosis ( a personal monoxious favorite), alldressedup and Hansel continue flourish in the region. Whoever said Singaporeans are not stylish have obviously not looked hard enough.

I look forward to the events that will follow the award ceremony, I think it is going to be interesting and engaging even for a Singaporean like myself.

We are extremely flattered to just even be nominated, and this would not have been possible without all of your support.

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