July 9, 2009
Dawn Poh

We are big fans of Japanese labels Black Peace Now over here at Monoxious. Hence, we feel compelled to bring you the awesomeness that is the BPN show at Japan Expo in Paris. All pictures listed below are courtesy of Chris CBPhotographie. BPN Japan Expo 3695092814_37e0bb4b3f 3695091864_499def206a I really do love the simplicity of the blacks and whites, and the look of a cropped jacket over a bustier. The pieces, while simple in themselves, do piece together nicely to form an exquisite silhouette. It’s truly a pity that BPN clothes doesn’t look like they have potential on the clothesrack, but its full potential is truly brought forth when worn on someone – and this fact is fully exploited by the wonder shop staffs who dress from head to toe in BPN clothing. How’s that for service.

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6 Responses to “Japan Expo, Paris.”

  1. Hi…

    Black Peace Now and Chris CBPhotographie links are not linked correctly.


  2. suzza says:

    The last picture reminds me of Paradise Kiss for some reason…


  3. Miss Spork says:

    This shit be bangin’.


  4. La Môme Néant says:

    BPN swallow-tail shirts are awesome. I want them in all colors!
    I need to find more pictures from this fashion show


  5. Sugar Ribbon says:

    BPN’s show versions are so much love. Pity they don’t sell stuff like the butterfly choker in stores.
    Heck, all of BPN’s mag and show clothes are so much more fabulous then the items on their site.
    I agree, the shopgirl at the BPN in Nagoya looked amazing. Coat to the floor, top hat and platform boots.


  6. Alex says:

    The clothes are so beautiful! The dress on the second model is gorgeous, and it goes along so well with the necklace.


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