‘Sup gaiz! Arissa and I have gotten some spiffy new toys to play around with, so you might see a different style of picture being introduced to this blog! That’s not what we are talking about in the title however.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you a third contributor to Monoxious.com – ChouChou aka Chouster aka Chou². Following the success of animal internet celebrities like Paul the Octopus and Manjit the Parakeet, Chousie would like to hop on this bandwagon and be the first animal fashion blogger ever. Doesn’t she just look ferosh? Tyra Banks would approve. We would like to clarify that Chouchou is no stranger to blogging –  she is the one responsible for all the bitchy posts here. She doesn’t have her own email yet, but please feel free to direct questions at her on our FormSpring or the comment section!

Of course, in the true spirit of Monoxious, she will only wear black and white.

Alright guys, I know, I know. We’ll be back with a real post soon! We have been too busy playing with our new lighting equipments and totally forgot our purpose.